September 27, 2007

Quotes From Upcoming Newt Gingrich Interview

I've finished the interview with Newt Gingrich, and you won't want to miss this show. I'll be playing the interview on my Heading Right show at 3 pm CT, and Newt provides his no-holds-barred commentary on current politics. Here are a few quotes to pique your interest:

On Republican consultants: "Let me be clear. I think Republican consultants are mostly very stupid. I think they have no education. I think they have no sense of history."

On African-American voters: "No group in America has been served worse by government than the African-American community."

Also, this: "Other than Huckabee, none of these [Republican] candidates have the gumption to place themselves in the middle of that [African-American] environment ..."

On the current crop of candidates: "The most sobering thing about where we are right now is that the most effective candidate in the race is -- Hillary Clinton. ... Her answers are wrong, [but] she is a serious, competent, formidable person."

Gingrich still won't commit on the presidential race. I get the sense that he would be happier in the ideas business, and his animus towards the current political process comes through clearly in this interview. Rob Bluey will have video of a portion of this interview at Bluey's Blog later this afternoon. In the meantime, I'm going to sit in on Sean Hannity's recorded broadcast from the Solutions Day ballroom here at the Cobb Galleria.


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Posted by leftnomore | September 27, 2007 1:16 PM

I love Newt and have always esteemed him to be the best we could have as president. However, in the last year or two he has come off as quite self-important and exclusive, that only he can divinate who is worthy of the party mantle.

His stunt with John Kerry in the climate change debate left me wondering where he put his brain... it was a joke to do what he did in that "debate," severely denting his credibility with me.

So, if he's not running, then who is up to the task in his eyes? Even Reagan likely wouldn't satisfy him at this point.

Posted by brooklyn - hnav | September 27, 2007 3:21 PM

""that the most effective candidate in the race is -- Hillary Clinton. ... Her answers are wrong, [but] she is a serious, competent, formidable person.""

No, Mr. Speaker...

Your comment is the most sobering folly imagined.


Is cackling laughter, changing positions every day, and big fat lies, something NEWT GINGRICH thinks is competent?

What a complete baffoon...


Did he mean greedy?

Newt Gingrich again reminds everyone why he offers such opportunistic diatribe.

He is essentially a fool.

It is no wonder why the Clintons ran circles around him.

Mr. Gingrich's ego has taken it's toll upon his brain.

Posted by brooklyn - hnav | September 27, 2007 3:38 PM

Here is another example of Gingrich's idiocy...
(Much like the photo OP with Hillary Rodham)

Mr. Graham of the mighty NB writes:
...Newt Gingrich assured ABC viewers the other morning that "Tavis Smiley is a very responsible, very clear-cut commentator and analyst. He's going to run a very fair debate." But have these critical voices ever really looked at Smiley’s actual record when it comes to Republicans?

Start with October 24, 2000. Smiley told Geraldo Rivera on CNBC that George W. Bush was a serial killer.

Newt regained much of his presence after 9-11, appearing on Conservative talk shows.

The former Speaker fully embraced and advocated for the Bush Administration Policies.

Then when his EGO seemed to regain full stature, and when he perceived some of those policies as 'unpopular', he showed his "ME - ME - ME" childish nature yet again.

Instead of leading, he has tried to co-opt what he feels are populist Conservative issues, which he never bothered with when he was in office.

There are many jaded Conservatives who have embraced a hostility towards those trying to serve their interest in Washington, and Newt is now feeding off of this fashion.

It is really quite sad.

If Newt ran for the Presidency, even given the Nomination by mere accident, he would lose in dramatic fashion.

For good reason, for his ego clouds his mind.

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