September 27, 2007

Live Blogging Hannity

Sean Hannity has joined Newt Gingrich for a portion of the Solutions Day event, and he's prerecording the last hour of his show here in front of a live audience. It's been interesting to watch Sean work the room, live, during his show. Radio tends to be a rather insular pursuit. One does not get a sense of audience while broadcasting, except at live "remotes" like this.

Hannity has been well received by this audience, which may indicate that Solutions Day hasn't drawn the bipartisan attendees here for the kickoff that Newt Gingrich wanted. He has drawn a number of reporters, including a couple from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. I met Jim Galloway and Ben Gray from the AJC, which Hannity referred to as the "Atlanta Urinal", which got a laugh from the audience but not the media bench.

He seems to enjoy the audience. His reactions to callers seems broad and engaging, and the audience remains interested in what shouldn't really be all that visually fascinating. He did ask the audience whether they wanted another liberal caller (after two in a row), or "a normal American", which got the most applause. Hannity also paid homage to his partner Alan Colmes, saying "I know fear -- I stare down Colmes every night!"

One of his best segments had to do with Iran. He wondered aloud if one day we'd wake up to millions dead and be asking ourselves why we didn't take Ahmadinejad seriously when he proposed a genocide of the Jews and the triumph of Islam over the West. He wants America to remain strong enough to beat all comers and remain on offense.

Hannity provided the red meat to the Right on Solutions Day. That may allow Gingrich to reach across the aisle, as the event promised, later this evening at the kickoff speech at 7 pm ET.


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