October 2, 2007

Heading Right Radio: Day Off (Update: Tap Dancing My Way Home)

Due to my travel schedule today, Heading Right Radio will take a day off. Instead, I'd recommend taking a listen to last night's special prime-time broadcast recapping my dinner with Justice Clarence Thomas. Tomorrow, I'll celebrate the blog's 4th anniversary in my normal time slot of 2 pm CT!

UPDATE & BUMP, 1:45 ET: I'm enjoying a layover in Charlotte, which gave me time to post another couple of entries below. It's amazing how much one airport resembles another. I had to hit the restroom, and the stall had this note: TAP DANCE 4 LOVE! It's like I never left Minneapolis ....

I've gone through a third of the Clarence Thomas memoir, and so far, it's fascinating. With any luck, I'll finish it before I get home. In the meantime, Danny Glover has a roundup of reactions to Clarence Thomas, his book, Anita Hill's response, and so on.

UPDATE II: Oh, by the way -- the genius that decided to put Tom Harkin in charge of the attack on Rush Limbaugh on the pseudo issue of "phony soldiers"? I'm certain he got paid by Karl Rove ... or maybe Dennis Miller. I'm not sure which.


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Posted by daveinboca | October 2, 2007 1:52 PM

I'm buying that book right away.

Best comment I've seen yet on the Anita Hill controversy comes from G. Will:

"Anita Hill and her allies blazed the path subsequently trod by Crystal Gail Mangum and her fans in the university/media establishment in the Duke non-rape case last year."

But Thomas has an even better last word:

"Once I got on the Court, I vowed I would never do my job as poorly as journalists do theirs."

Bravo! Clarence, you've risen far far above the abysmal bottom-feeding standards of ink-stained hacks & political media-whores like Hill. But this slacker now has a law perfesser job she'd never have gotten had she not sold her soul to left-wing racists---collectivists who hate blacks who think for themselves.

Sorry for the rant, but I used to be a DNC type who recanted after working on the '84 Mondale Presidential Campaign.

Posted by MikeTheLibrarian | October 2, 2007 2:48 PM

A few weeks ago someone wrote "Do YOU have a wide stance?" on the wall of the library bathroom.

Posted by Carol Herman | October 2, 2007 3:27 PM

If Rush Limbaugh were a stock, it would pay dividends to own some of it.

In other words?

Rush has a microphone. He's had access to the airwaves.

He has a blog. So, he's got access to people who find things on the Net.

And, this story grew wings strong enough, to fan the controversy SKY HIGH.

The Bonkeys think they're on a roll?

Sort'a like the guy who okayed the front grill of the Edsel to resemble a toilet seat! Sure, it made the car "cost more."


Here? Rush Limbaugh's stock shot up. All because the Bonkeys couldn't resist "the issue."

Tom Harken? Heck, the idiot Jon Cary also took a poke. Stinking gigolo.

Posted by Carol Herman | October 2, 2007 3:31 PM


Your piece was so good, I copied it, and sent it off to a friend! And, yes. Yesterday,I did use the Captain's link to Amazon. Bought the book, AND the Audio. It's a two-fer. That way, after I hear stuff I like, and can see it in print. And, share this stuff with friends.

Meanwhile, your "take" ... especially quoting George Will (whom I normally don't read), goes far to explain WHY Clarence Thomas' book will be a roaring success.

And, the 8 other justices are joining him, when his book is introduced in DC; Everyone in the Chambers is thrilled.

Such an intelligent man.

And, now, the country is finally ready to discuss the failures of affirmative action.

Posted by mrlynn | October 2, 2007 6:20 PM

Captain, that guy that writes the "Rightwing Nuthouse" site that you linked to seems to think that Rush actually did something wrong and should apologize.

Rush insists he was talking about true phony soldiers, like that Jesse MacBeth and the guy that fooled the gullible New Republic into publishing his fiction.

Rush is right: it's just a smear. He's challenged Sen. Reid to come on the air and repeat his slanders. You can bet the weasel from Nevada won't dare.

/Mr Lynn

Posted by Crunchy Frog | October 2, 2007 6:36 PM

The moral of the story is: never attack someone who has a bigger bullhorn than you.

Rush is syndicated on what? 800 stations? More people listen to him every day than there are people who even knew Tom Harkin's name, prior to this weekend.

Posted by AnonymousDrivel | October 2, 2007 7:01 PM

Hmmm. Maybe the MSM poll du jour can ask who has more credibility: Harry Reid's Democrat-led Senate or Rush Limbaugh... assuming the people they poll even know who Reid is?

The "Betray Us" ad is providing sweet, delicious schadenfreude the likes of which a Karl Rove could have never envisioned. As the Democrats throw spaghetti at the fridge to try and rehabilitate themselves from their Soros-funded complicity, we observe the wonderful, and thankfully more transparent, theater that is politics.

One would have to engage in the willing suspension of disbelief to think that Democrat wailing will tarnish Rush's known and undeniable support of the military. The Left's distraction can be seen for what it is and Rush has just been given more ammo to fire at his critics. It'll be a turkey-shoot.

Posted by AW1 Tim | October 2, 2007 7:20 PM


As a veteran, I feel both anger and sorrow at Mr. Harkin. Anger because he has puposely sold out whatever values he had remaining by his "drug" comments, and his selective picking of Rush's statement.

Second, I feel sorrow for him because he has so lost his way amongst veterans. He intentionally lied about his own military record in order to curry votes, when ANY military service is honorable in and of itself.

It does not matter one whit to me where or how a veteran served this country. I am greatful to all for having the moral and physical courage to raise their right hands and take the oath of allegiance in defense our great constitution.

Whether facing the dangers of combat, or binding the wounds that resulted thereof, whether providing warm meals, clean clothing, or ensuring that compensation due was paid promptly and in full, or seeing that needed ammunition and fuel made it through hostile areas to those at the front, ALL of them have served faithfully and valiantly.

There is NO NEED to inflate a record of honorable service, yet Mr. Harkin did so, and that right willingly. If you cannot trust someone to be forthright with such a simple thing, to take pride in service rendered to a greatful nation honrably and willingly, then that man is to be pitied, and questioned about what other things he might well be inflating, or concealing?

His words ring hollow, much like the man and the leadership of his party.

Posted by Mike | October 2, 2007 9:00 PM

Does anyone else think it is remarkable that the one place the Donks are trying to silence Rush is on a radio station broadcast to the troops? Could it be that along with trying to divert attnetion from the BETRAYUS fiasco, they also would like to reduce the troops exposure to voice s that tell them they might actually have a chance of winning the war? If Ruh denigrated the troops why have we not heard the troops response to Rush's words? Hummmm?

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