October 4, 2007

No Meters On The Modems

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell takes to YouTube -- and in a few moments, Heading Right Radio -- to attack the Democratic failure to extend the moratorium on taxing Internet access. John Sununu and John McCain have joined Democrat Ron Wyden in making the federal ban on state and local taxation for Internet access permanent. McConnell issues this warning:

Why would a federal ban apply? The Internet exemplifies interstate commerce, which places it under federal jurisdiction, even among the most ardent federalists. The entire intent of the Internet is to allow individuals to reach out to the global community. Oversight on tax policy that would discourage or limit that access rightly belongs to Congress.

McConnell sees the Internet as an engine for growth, and says "we don't put meters on our modems". If you agree, contact your Senator or Representative and urge action before the ban expires on November 1st.

UPDATE: Heh. It was "modems", not "motors". Thanks to a number of people who noted the error while I was on air, and here's a link to Senator McConnell's fine blog, which managed to get it right. That's what I get for rushing my way through the post!


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Comments (7)

Posted by Carol Herman | October 4, 2007 3:33 PM

Go wake the gas bag up!

Judge Porter just ruled that Larry Craig can't withdraw his plea.

And, if words mean anything at all, (especially to republicans, who like to "advertise" that they do) ... what are all the gas bags gonna do, now? They can't wear the prom dresses!

Caught in the stall, so to speak.

Where once the stalls were only for the horses.

We've come a long way, to watching both sides of the aisle remain clueless. Sure, they understand that a republican president has low "approval ratings." Well, so did Lincoln!

Still, you'd be hard pressed to find any of these gas bags really worthy of much. Except "playing politics."

While like ot or not, there's something called CYCLES. Where no matter what. Even no matter how well like a particular president can be. The ball leaves the hands of one side. For the others to grab a chance at swatting it.

Of course, for the Bonkeys, their last great "swat" was FDR.

And, so far? How are the gas bags gonna change, as we approach a rather consistent breakdown towards awarding both sides the crack in the middle?

Oh, yeah. October's coming. And, it's not a presidential election year. So the gas bags get to have an October recess. Hope they learn that what they thought of as a senate that doesn't change ... is a reality that diplomatic-pants-dancing is very unattractive.

Wake me, when the senate deals with its factions; and kicks a couple of these mules in the arses. Richly deserved kiester kicks are more in store than just about anything else!

Gotta tell ya, I just marvel at the collection of gas bags.

Oh, yeah. How will the "previously was a prosecutor," dork, Arlen Specter getting treated these days? He sits in a seat in the senate he does not deserve.

Call me, when he feels threatened.

Oh. And, what's it gonna take to send Larry Craig home? So he can continue his non-homosexual life.

You know how you got these turkeys, don't cha? Swearing they were gonna cancel ROE.

Instead? You need wider spreads between the stall's walls. You want me to say this in "sign language?" You mean, the gas bags can't read unless they see flipping fingers?

The senators on the republican side of the aisle have zero claims to fame, right now.

Yeah, they're gonna "tax" the Internet.

THEY ALREADY DO! You mean you don't read your telephone bills?

No. I do not consider McPain, or any other senator, the "first line of defense."

When it comes to us, out here? Guess what happens when you tax? Big differences between charging the public "pennies." And, then watching the government unaware of how trading really works.

Of course, the Bonkeys haven't got a clue.

But for all the good it does the pubbies? Like the affirmative action crowd, they're coming up short on leadership skills.

Posted by TJReady | October 4, 2007 3:42 PM

Actually, I think Sen. McConnell said "modems," not "motors."

Posted by purpleamerica | October 4, 2007 3:50 PM

He's even got a petition up at www.teammitch.com/petition.

Posted by dwightkschrute | October 4, 2007 4:20 PM

If McConnell's so against any raises in costs to consumers and the threat of innovation being discouraged then why doesn't he take a stand to keep internet service providers from being allowed to charge extra for priority web traffic?

I'm sorry but unless he's ready to step up and support Net Neutrality then all this is just empty rhetoric.

Posted by Teresa | October 4, 2007 4:20 PM

How does this play in with the whole "net neutrality" bill?

Posted by dwightkschrute | October 4, 2007 4:46 PM

Both bills are about protecting the rights of consumers. McConnell is right in thinking it's wrong for Federal or State Governments to levy additional taxes. Unfortunately, he's unwilling to take that stand when in comes to your ISP.

Yes, it'll be nice to not have to worry about having to pay $3-$4 more a month in taxes on your DSL bill. But taxes will be the least of worries when we switch to a tiered internet system that will jack up the prices to access high bandwith sites.

Posted by Carol Herman | October 4, 2007 9:17 PM

I'm with Dwight K Schrute. The gas bags are full of rhetoric. But they'll fold like cheap suitcases, when they've got to "fund" the companies that "donate" to their campaigns.

Not very dissimilar from "buying" love in a whore house. Where you pay the madame. And, then you treat your purchase, to your "luv."

Taxes, meanwhile, are a way of life to congressional gas bags. That. And, pork fests.

No cure in site.

Just because it's damamging, doesn't mean it's gonna stop.

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