October 5, 2007

I Guess Children Should Be Seen And Not Heard

That seems to be the operating philosophy of Bush Derangement Syndrome sufferers in Lancaster County, PA. When George Bush passed through for a visit on Wednesday, workers from a local day-care center led three dozen children in singing songs to greet the President as he arrived. That set off the BDS contingent, who made sure no one heard the children singing:

But for nearly three dozen youngsters from the U-Gro child care center, located just off the president's motorcade route on Stony Battery Road, it was all about waving hand-drawn flags, singing songs and holding banners welcoming to Lancaster one of the most powerful men in the world.

"What an opportunity this is for our children," center director Liz Burkhard said while herding children ages 4 to 6 into a compact, orderly row behind the yellow police tape lining Stony Battery at Church Street.

One group of protesters quickly descended on the happy cluster, however, chanting and singing their own songs to drown out the children's voices.

"Stop brainwashing children to support a president who doesn't deserve our support," one man yelled through a bullhorn. Others told the kids to "educate yourselves" and said "your parents are killing you" by supporting Bush and the war.

When children greet a President, they're not endorsing policy or campaigning for his vote. They sang because of the office, not the person. Whomever would scream at children through bullhorns to promote their own hatred and obsession really needs some psychiatric care. Can you imagine how these children felt when a group of adults descended on them, screaming and shouting through bullhorns?

Even the other protestors objected to their attack on the children. Some of them started shouting at the group to leave the children alone. However, even those excused the BDS by saying that the children represented hypocrisy because "There's that line of kids, all full of enthusiasm for their president, and he's vetoing health care for them." Putting aside the inaccuracy of that statement -- he vetoed an expansion of health insurance subsidies into the middle class, not health care -- somehow that excuses terrorizing children who just showed up to welcome the head of state.

When people tell you "it's for the children," it's mostly all about themselves. The Bush-haters in Lancaster made that very clear this week.


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