October 5, 2007

Columbia's Latest Guest Speaker Reiterates Call For Israel's Destruction

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad celebrated Al-Quds Day today by calling Israel's existence an "insult to human dignity". Backed by chants of "Death To America!", the Iranian president and recent guest of Columbia University challenged Europe to give land to the Jews and to oppose Israel and the United States:

Millions of Iranians attended nationwide rallies Friday in support of the Palestinians, while the country's hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Israel's continued existence was an "insult to human dignity."

"The creation, continued existence and unlimited (Western) support for this regime is an insult to human dignity," Ahmadinejad said. "The occupation of Palestine is not limited to one land. The Zionist issue is now a global issue." ...

The Iranian president once again said Palestinians should not pay any price because Europeans committed crimes against Jews in World War II. He said they could give a part of their own land in Europe or Alaska so that the Jews can establish their country.

"I ask European governments supporting Zionists and the American people that will you allow occupation of part of your land under a pretext and then talk about a two-state solution?," Ahmadinejad said after the rallies.

Alaska? Maybe Ahmadinejad flunked geography and history at Teheran U. Columbia could have given him a refresher course. I don't recall a millenia-long tradition of Jews in Alaska, but maybe Ahmadinejad can speak on that history when he comes to Columbia for his next speech.

The celebration of Al-Quds Day is a tradition in Iran since the revolution. It rallies people in the cause of Israel's destruction, in a manner reminiscent of the Nuremberg rallies of the 1930s. In fact, both celebrations aimed at destroying the same kind of people. What an odd coincidence, that! Today, as always, Iranian mobs burned Israeli and American flags in an effort to show what a rational and civilized culture does when they have a holiday that wishes for genocide.

Naturally, this pleases the mullahcracy no end. Their judicial chief, Ayatollah Mahould Hashemi Shahroudi, called the Al-Quds celebration "a good start to the destruction of the Zionist regime." The Speaker of the Iranian parliament swore that there would be no peace between Iran and the West until a "referendum" on Israel was held among the Palestinians. One imagines that this "referendum" might be a teech one-sided, but that wouldn't bother the Iranian mullahcracy one bit.

Of course, that's how they celebrate Al-Quds Day in Iran. I wonder how they celebrate it at Columbia?


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