October 15, 2007

McCain Still Standing

The media does love a good narrative, and they may have one handed to them this fall. After writing off John McCain this summer, and not for altogether unrealistic reasons, the presidential candidate has proven unwilling to disappear. He has retooled his campaign and returned to the feisty and sometimes disquieting habit of speaking his mind on the stump.

At Heading Right, I take a look at why Republicans may be giving McCain a second look. He still has plenty on his record to criticize, but as GOP voters have discovered, so do the other front-runners. With social conservatives threatening a revolt over Rudy, Mitt's disavowal of Ronald Reagan hitting YouTube, and Fred's stamina in question, McCain may wind up being the default candidate in the end.

We'll talk with Senator McCain on today's Heading Right Radio at 2 pm CT.


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