October 15, 2007

Conversation With A Suicide Bomber

Aaron Klein, author of Schmoozing With Terrorists, met with a suicide-bomber recruit in Jenin to discover what drives volunteers to kill civilians in the name of Allah. Tomorrow, WND plans to publish excerpts from the book's first chapter in which Klein relates his conversation with Ahmed, as well as with Ahmed's recruiter, Abu Ayman, the head of Islamic Jihad in Jenin. Here's a taste of what we can expect in the interview:

AHMED: The will to scarify myself for Allah is the first and most major reason. It is true that the Zionists are occupying our lands and that it is our religious duty to fight them, including through suicide attacks. The goal is not the killing of the Jews, but that this is the way to reach Allah.

The goal is satisfying Allah and his instructions. No money interests, nothing. No brainwash, no pressure; it is my decision. All the other lies are pathetic Israeli propaganda.

It's an interesting exchange on a couple of levels. First, it appears that Ahmed really doesn't understand the concept of brainwashing. Committing suicide will be his decision, of course, but he didn't just invent the concept of suicidal bombings on civilians himself. Ahmed lacks the introspection necessary to see this, of course, which makes his claims of "propaganda" so ridiculous. Klein tries to reason with him by asking where the Koran approves of suicidal attacks on women and children, and Ahmed refuses to discuss the Koran with Klein. He has no real reasoning behind his fanaticism, and instead relies on the "reasoning" of his recruiter.

Second, and more chilling, is another sequence in the interview. He tells Klein that he will have no compunction about killing Klein in his martyrdom event, even though the two have had a pleasant conversation together. He even invites Klein to enjoy his hospitality while awaiting death. It's a revealing moment which shows that negotiations and dialogue with radical Islamist terrorists will not deter them from their mission. They intend to kill until they get what they want.

The best strategy would be to go after the recruiters. In fact, that's exactly what happened in this case, although I'll leave it for Klein to report about what happened to both Ahmed and Abu Ayman shortly after their meeting in Jenin. Keep an eye out for the article tomorrow.


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