October 17, 2007

I Thought They Hated Pigs At Woodstock

Ah, Woodstock. It’s the touchstone for the Baby Boomer generation, where hundreds of thousands gathered at the height of the counterculture movement to celebrate their independence from the Establishment. The festival had everything — sex, drugs, rock & roll … and pork?

At Heading Right, I point out that the 60s was supposed to be about opposing the Establishment, not getting subsidies from it. Apparently not. The earmarked funds for this project go to a billionaire whose funding this vanity project, and the funds come out of the Education budget. That means the money goes to a billionaire (providing money so he doesn't have to do so) rather than children and classrooms. And in the meantime, the same billionaire has sent tens of thousands of dollars to Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, and the DSCC, sometimes within days of receiving the earmarks.

This must have been what the Sixties were all about, man. You have your bag, I have mine, and Hillary and Chuck have their bagman.


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