October 19, 2007

CLC 07 Podcast Interview, And Other Links

A week ago, during my appearance at the Conservative Leadership Conference, Jenn Sierra of Ft. Hard Knox interviewed me on blogging, conservative politics, and BlogTalkRadio. She has now posted the podcast of that interview, recorded by my exhibit-hall neighbor John McJunkin of Avalon Podcasting. Jenn did a fine job in this interview, and perhaps we can convince her to start her own BTR show!

Also, a few more links for today:

Rob Neppell -- aka NZ Bear -- made his first appearance on Fox News to talk about corporate image, blogging, and their convergence. He's also blogging from the Values Voters summit, as is Jim Geraghty.

The Nose on Your Face has the New York Times journalist entrance exam. I flunked, apparently ...

Jules Crittenden notes that Pakistan has been at war with itself for a while, but the press may have just discovered that.

Gary Gross says something's rotten in Pennsylvania.

And yes, I'll be putting links like these in the Crow's Nest again soon ...


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Posted by skeptic | October 19, 2007 12:59 PM

Ed, why don't you have the winner of the CLC straw poll on Heading Right?

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