November 1, 2007

Fuelled By The Fallen

People complain that Hollywood doesn't recognize the heroism and sacrifices of our men and women in the military, preferring to focus on contrived plots about misconduct and torture instead. One man in Hollywood has responded to that challenge. Kevin Major Howard, who played Rafter Man in Full Metal Jacket, has converted two of his classic roadsters into racing tributes to Marines who have given their lives in Operation Iraqi Freedom. The effort of Fuelled By The Fallen is explained in their video:

Howard has come up with a unique and memorable way to honor the Marines who have given their lives for their country, as well as those still serving now in OIF. They need some corporate sponsorship to keep their efforts alive, and they have begun to have some success. Warner Brothers, which produced FMJ, has included the Memorial Car in its upcoming 20th-anniversary DVD release. They can use personal donations as well.

Visit the site to see how you can help!


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