November 5, 2007

Missing The Biggest Part Of The Story

The New York Times runs a post-mortem on the S-CHIP legislation that appears headed for another narrowly-upheld presidential veto, showing the missteps on all sides that led to the impasse. The White House attacked it early and harshly, the Senate Republicans favoring it failed to make its case to the Bush administration, and House Democrats cut out House Republicans from the development of the bill. It all sounds like another happy day of gridlock.

At Heading Right, I note that most of this inside-baseball look at the S-CHIP expansion failure covers ground already known to most. The real story gets missed by the Gray Lady, which is the actual policy and its fatal flaws. The Times neglects to mention the two biggest points in the debate and why those issues torpedoed the expansion plan. (via Memeorandum)


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