November 5, 2007

Waterboarding And SERE School: Upcoming Post

Last week, I linked to Malcolm Nance's article on waterboarding and torture in the New York Daily News, and the comment section erupted in debate. Two criticisms got repeated airings in the comments section: that Nance had not properly described waterboarding, and that he had violated confidentiality agreements in discussing SERE training.

Since last week, I have contacted two sources on the subject, one a SEAL for over 30 years and the other a former SERE instructor. In the next day or so, I will have a lengthy post in response to this issue. It's safe to say that both sources found Nance's column appalling, and for similar reasons -- and had a lot more to say about the current debate. Keep your eyes open for more on this topic soon here at Captain's Quarters.


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