November 8, 2007

Michael Yon's Iconic Coverage Of The Iraq War

Michael Yon has not yet won a Pulitzer for his news coverage, although he certainly deserves one for his free-lance journalism. He may qualify even more for his photojournalism, capturing a second iconic image of the war and now a hope for victory and peace. His first moment came when a searing image of an American soldier cradling a wounded child in a battle zone sank into the consciousness of America. Now a moment of ecumenical unity in a land savaged by sectarian strife may symbolize the progress and hope that lies within Iraq:

Reprinted with permission, all rights reserved. Copyright 2007 by Michael Yon.

The picture you see shows Muslims and Christians restoring the cross to the top of St. John's Church in Baghdad. The Iraqis wanted Americans to see that they have unity at the ground level, and consider their Iraqi nationality more important than their sectarian differences. Even the Muslims in Baghdad rejoiced at the reopening of the Christian church, perhaps as a canary in the coal mine moment. If a Christian church can open its doors in Baghdad, then the Muslims know their mosques remain safe.

Michael also noted that the Iraqis had another message for Americans. They thanked us for a real peace, one that doesn't come from brutal oppression of a dictator but that of a free people governing themselves. The church is a symbol of that peace, and they understand that.

I wanted to post this in connection with an interview Michael and I hoped to conduct this morning. Unfortunately, it looks as though that won't happen due to technical difficulties. We'll keep trying, but in the meantime, I wanted to make sure I joined Michael in ensuring this image and its message resonates as much as possible.


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