November 12, 2007

Sheep? Chickens? At Least They're Not Pigs

Harry Reid lost big last weekend on his budget extortion, and he lashed out in response to those who undermined his efforts to push pork through the White House in this session’s budget. Calling 19 Republicans “sheep and chickens”, Reid had to acknowledge that his attempts to extort a signature through combining appropriations to avoid vetoes had come to naught. Instead, the bloated Labor/HHS bill will likely see a veto, and the Democrats can’t override it.

At Heading Right, I note that the epithets "sheep" and "chickens" don't mean much when coming from porkers. Democrats have let Republicans off the hook for fiscal irresponsibility with their pork-protection rackets. Will the GOP be smart enough to return to its roots of fiscal responsibility and limited government now, or will the same chickens who came to roost in 2006 return in 2008?


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