November 29, 2007

Building The Bentley

Robert Novak asks whether one could imagine legendary Mississippi politicians cashing in on their legislative careers in the manner that Trent Lott will attempt when he leaves the Senate. Unfortunately, Novak seems to have forgotten that we have seen members of Congress cashing in while still in office over the last few years — William Jefferson, Allan Mollahan, Robert Ney, and Randy “Duke” Cunningham among them. At least Lott waited until he left to reach for the really big money.

At Heading Right, I applaud Novak's outrage, but question his naivete. Trent Lott didn't help build this pork-barrel Bentley without intending to take it for a spin himself. As far as Mississippian displeasure is concerned, I award them the Captain Louis Renault award for their shock, shock! that Lott wants to sell out for big lobbyist money after decades of shoveling pork back to those same Mississipians.


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