November 29, 2007

Dickie Scruggs, Hillary Fundraiser

The buzz around Trent Lott's departure from the Senate had focused on his familial connections to now-indicted Mississippi lawyer Dickie Scruggs, Lott's brother-in-law. However, the political connections go in an entirely different direction. Scruggs has had his latest fundraiser canceled -- by Hillary Clinton (via Memeorandum):

A Dec. 15 fund-raising event for Hillary Clinton at the home of prominent Mississippi trial laywer Richard “Dickie” Scruggs is off, now that Scruggs has been indicted for bribery.

Bill Clinton was set to be the star attraction at the event at Scruggs’s Oxford, Miss., home. Hillary Clinton wasn’t scheduled to attend. It was the first event that Scruggs, who made a fortune suing the tobacco industry in the 1990s, had offered to host for Clinton, a campaign spokesman said. It was canceled on Wednesday, after the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided his home and the federal indictment was announced. ...

Over the years, Scruggs has been a generous donor to Democrats, but he’s also given money to Republican candidates. He gave $4,200 to Clinton’s Senate campaign in 2005 but hadn’t made a donation yet to her presidential bid. Scruggs’s brother-in-law is Sen. Trent Lott (R., Miss.), who just announced his intention to leave the Senate before the end of the year.

Norman Hsu, the Fujian donor scandal, Peter Paul, and now Dickie Scruggs. It seems rather more like a pattern than a series of coincidences, doesn't it?


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