November 29, 2007

NBC Needs A New Host, And A Media Alert

I'll be on the Hugh Hewitt show at 7:30 pm CT tonight, talking about Mansoor Ijaz and probably a little about the CNN/YouTube debate as well. However, as an anonymous e-mailer points out, CNN isn't the only network showing its bias today. In this YouTube, NBC host Erin Burnett thought she'd give George Bush the business -- the monkey business, that is. She calls him a "monkey" as part of a report on Nicolas Sarkozy's trip to China, and then backpedals when her guest scolds her:

"I don't know what you mean, but that's my President," the man responds, after Burnett tries to say that she meant "monkey in the middle". She then pretends that she meant Angela Merkel, or Joe Scarborough attempts to give her that out.

This is pretty pathetic, even for MS-NBC, a pseudonetwork mostly known for as the Keith Olbermann Asylum. I recall when reporters gave us reasoned, articulate reports on events and facts, not nonsensical name-calling. If NBC wants its news division to have more credibility than CNN, then they need to find another job for Erin Burnett. The deer-in-the-headlights look on her face shows that she understood her faux pas immediately.


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