December 3, 2007

Franken: I Have Iraq Surrounded

The Norm Coleman campaign takes Al Franken seriously, at least seriously enough to do their homework on the former comedian, author, and talk-radio host. If Franken wins the nomination from Michael Cerisi to challenge Coleman in the general election, he will not find Coleman unprepared. The campaign has already readied its first ad, and this one -- on Franken's attempts to triangulate on Iraq -- will leave a big mark:

Here are the key parts of the transcript, all of which come from video or audio recordings of Franken over the past eighteen months:

“We have to start a withdrawal, I believe, and have a timeline." (10/5/07)

“I’m not sure we should set a timetable myself. I may actually, oddly enough, agree with Bush here." (6/16/06)

“I neither spoke out advocating the war or against the war." (8/21/07)

“Well, first of all, I never spoke out in favor of this war." (9/30/07)

“No one spoke out louder about this war than I did, and more consistently.” (9/30/07)

“We’ll cut funds is the bluntest instrument, where you are undercutting our troops in the field, no one is going to do that.” (11/29/06)

“I think you make the President cutoff funding for the troops." (614/07)

“I’m not for cutting off funding for the troops, and neither is the President” (10/10/07)

These ads just write themselves. Norm Coleman hasn't exactly been a rock on Iraq -- he opposed the surge in the beginning -- but he has supported the overall mission consistently. Franken hasn't been at all consistent, despite his high profile in politics. He has mostly said whatever his audience wants to hear, and that obviously changes from venue to venue.

I suspect that the Democrats of Minnesota will see the dangers inherent in running Franken against Coleman. The comedian will wind up as the joke. Expect to see Cerisi get a lot more attention over the next few months.

Also, don't miss this post at True North. (via Mitch)


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