December 6, 2007

Battling Bloggers In The Public Eye

CBS News has discovered the Dan Bartlett kerfuffle in the blogosphere, and Matthew Felling interviewed me earlier this morning for Public Eye. He gives conservatives a somewhat broad platform from which to defend ourselves, reaching out to Glenn Reynolds and Jonah Goldberg as well. Here's Matthew:

"Regurgitate?" Really? Coming from a former Bush aide? Oh no he din’t. That’s basically the equivalent of calling White House reporters ‘stenographers.’ (And we've learned you don’t go there.)

I figured that this wouldn’t sit well with right-wing bloggers. But I wasn’t quite sure. So I pulled a Captain Renault and e-mailed some "usual suspects.”

I'll let readers venture to Public Eye to read the responses. I actually picked up the phone and did a traditional interview with Matthew -- and he'll return the favor next Tuesday on Heading Right Radio. He also reports on a very testy exchange between a Washington Times reporter and a gay-issues blogger that gets pretty NSFW. Be sure to see how this flame war progresses.


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