December 13, 2007

Thursday: Mike Huckabee Live On Heading Right Radio (Bumped)

He's the hottest candidate in the Republican race at the home stretch before the primaries begin. He has the biggest headlines, and the biggest controversies. Now he returns to Heading Right Radio at a special time on Thursday. Governor Mike Huckabee will appear live on the December 13th show, scheduled to begin at 6 pm ET. We'll take calls and keep a close eye on the webchat, too!

In the meantime, feel free to post your questions for Governor Huckabee in the comments on this post. Don't miss this late-breaking item, either -- the founder of the Minuteman Project has endorsed Huckabee. Will this build any confidence for Huckabee among illegal-immigration activists?

UPDATE & BUMP: I'll push this to the top. Post your question for Huckabee, and make sure you're around today at 6 pm ET for his Heading Right Radio appearance.


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