December 12, 2007

Media Alert (Update: Time Change)

I'll be interviewed on C-SPAN2 sometime after 10 pm CT tonight. The topic will be the Republican debate earlier today. Normally we'd live-blog this at Heading Right, but thanks to the odd time the Des Moines Register chose for this debate, most of our correspondents won't be able to watch it live. I'll post my debate analysis after my Heading Right Radio show concludes. (I'm TiVoing it, as it will run during the show itself.) Be sure to catch my telephone interview during Capital News Today.

UPDATE: Thanks to an extended Senate session, they had to pre-record the interview, which I just completed. C-SPAN2 will play it after they replay the debate, which is on right now -- actually just finishing up. I'm guessing that they'll run this around 11 pm CT.

UPDATE: It looks like it will be more like 10:30 pm CT. It's coming up soon. Sorry for the confusion.


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