December 13, 2007

What Huckabee Said On Heading Right Radio

If you missed the live broadcast of Heading Right Radio today, featuring a live interview with Governor Mike Huckabee, you missed an interesting look at the sudden frontrunner for the upcoming Iowa caucus. Huckabee has risen so suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, that most people only know him through the headlines. We asked him about those controversies tonight, and Huckabee gave us some thoughtful answers. Here's a sample:

On Mormons qualifying for the presidency: "It shouldn't have anything to do with whether people vote for Romney or not."

On questions about religion: "Interestingly, I think I have been asked far more in-depth questions about my faith than Mitt Romney or anybody else has."

On immigration: "Every person who lives in this country ought to live with his head held up, and not in fear of each other or our own government. ... The laws are broken. Fix the law, fix the border, and then if people do come back, they'll come back with an actual permit."

On federal government: "It's not just that people should hate all government; we need some, just not a whole lot. But what we do have ought to be functional, and that's what we don't have."

If you missed the show, you can still catch it on the podcast. You can also listen to it through the player on my sidebar. Be sure to listen to Governor Huckabee address your concerns -- and let me know what you think of the answers.


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