December 15, 2007

Romney Gets An Impressive Endorsement

Mitt Romney has picked up his second impressive conservative endorsement in a week. This time, Judge Robert Bork has thrown his support to the former Massachusetts governor, following on the heels of the National Review endorsement. Mike Allen at The Politico, another Cerritos guy kicking around in politics, thinks this carried considerable street cred among conservatives, and he's right.

Bork had these comments to accompany his endorsement:

Joining Romney for President, Judge Bork said, "Throughout my career, I have had the honor of serving under several Presidents and am proud to make today's endorsement. No other candidate will do more to advance the conservative judicial movement than Governor Mitt Romney. He knows firsthand how the judicial branch can profoundly affect the future course of a state and a nation. I greatly admired his leadership in Massachusetts in the way that he responded to the activist court's ruling legalizing same-sex 'marriage.' His leadership on the issue has served as a model to the nation on how to respect all of our citizens while respecting the rule of law at the same time."

Judge Bork continued, "Our next President may be called upon to make more than one Supreme Court nomination, and Governor Romney is committed to nominating judges who take their oath of office seriously and respect the rule of law in our nation. I also support Governor Romney because of his character, his integrity and his stands on the major issues facing the United States."

Many of us thought that Rudy Giuliani put together a terrific team of endorsements early in the race. Ted Olson may be the crown jewel in Rudy's support team among conservatives. Olson's membership provided a guarantee that any Giuliani nominations would follow the Scalia mold rather than the Souter example, or even Anthony Kennedy.

Having a Bork endorsement pulls Romney into at least an equivalence. Clearly, this implies that Bork will take an advisory role in that process, or at least that the Romney administration would consider his reaction to any nominees. Bork has at least as much trust as Olson does in this regard, and given his unfair treatment at the hands of the Senate Judiciary Committee during his own confirmation process, perhaps significantly more.

Obviously, no one will get the Ronald Reagan or Barry Goldwater endorsement in this cycle unless Shirley MacLaine agrees to channel them. A Robert Bork endorsement may be as close as anyone gets in 2008's primaries.


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