December 17, 2007

Dr. Ayman Takes Your Calls After A Word From Our Bloodthirsty Sponsor

Ayman al-Zawahiri has decided to expand his horizons yet again. Once a doctor, then a terrorist leader with a world-wide following, Dr. Zawahiri now fancies himself a talk-show host. At the end of his latest missive of hatred and mass murder, Zawahiri has offered to tell us everything we want to know about radical bloody jihad but are afraid to ask ... in person:

Expanding its use of the Internet, al Qaeda now is asking that online users submit their questions -- even "hostile" ones -- to its No. 2 man, Ayman al Zawahri.

And like any other blogger, Zawahri says he is prepared to engage. He made the offer on a video posted on a jihadist Web site Sunday touting Britain's withdrawal from Basra as a success for insurgents there. ...

At the end of the video, entitled "A Review of Events," a written message invites individuals, organizations and media outlets to submit questions for Zawahri to answer one month from his video's release. The message solicits all questions, "whether they be friendly or hostile."

I have one question for Dr. Ayman. What makes him think that anyone gives a damn about the internal dialogue of mass murderers? This is a man who spends his days thinking up new ways to kill women and children. Even by the light of the religion that he supposedly defends, that makes him lower than a dog and an annihilator of all humanity.

It seems more than a little revealing, though, that Zawahiri suddenly feels the urge to get friendly on the Internet. Has cannon-fodder recruiting gone so poorly of late? If the radical jihad had as much attraction as Zawahiri claims, he wouldn't need to create discussion forums to explain it to the uninitiated.

One last question does come to mind. If suicide attacks serve Zawahiri's notion of jihad, when can we expect him and Osama bin Laden to blow themselves up? Until they do, why should anyone take their nonsense seriously?


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