December 18, 2007

Kicking Up The Ruckus

Newsweek has launched a new feature at its website called The Ruckus, in conjunction with the Media Bloggers Association. The Ruckus will track the postings of nine bloggers on the presidential race from now until Election Day in November -- including Captain's Quarters:

Media Bloggers Association (MBA) and Newsweek have launched "The Ruckus," a new group blog about politics for The blog will feature posts from nine MBA-member bloggers about the presidential campaign on a single page, giving readers a convenient sampling of some of the best political blogging from across the country and from key primary states.

" 'The Ruckus' places Newsweek on the cutting edge of this campaign season's online political dialogue," said Robert Cox, president of MBA. "MBA bloggers offer Newsweek readers fresh, authentic content with real-time updates from some of the nation's leading political blogs."

" 'The Ruckus' will be a key part of our 2008 campaign coverage," said Deidre Depke, editor of "We want to expose Newsweek readers to all the exciting discourse and discussion that is taking place on political blogs today. We think 'The Ruckus' will help introduce readers to a new array of voices and will encourage enlightened political discourse as the '08 race steps into high gear." ...

The initial participants in "The Ruckus" include: John Amato,; Faye Anderson,; Dean Barker,; Adam Fogle,; Joe Gandelman,; James Joyner,; Ed Morrissey,; Oliver Willis,; and Chris Woods,

This should give everyone a boost. Newsweek readers unfamiliar with blogs can get acquainted with fresh voices, and blog readers can also keep up with a wide spectrum of analysis. I'm happy to have been included in this (and will receive nominal compensation for it), and excited by the possibilities.

Danny Glover writes:

It's a great idea, one driven by the same kind of thinking that prompted me to create AirCongress -- namely, build a portal to the best new media content so readers can get it all in one place. This is the future for smart old-media companies, and more of them would do well to imitate Newsweek's model.

Agreed. Hopefully it will broaden many horizons.


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