December 19, 2007

AOL Puts Captain's Quarters On The Hot Seat

Today, AOL announced a new partnership with several bloggers for a new project called The Hot Seat. Daily poll questions will appear, asked by the various members of the partnership, on AOL and on the blogs. The partnership includes Captain's Quarters and Power Line, as well as some well-known media sites:

AOL has launched a syndicated online political widget - called "Hot Seat" - on AOL News, "Hot Seat" features daily political poll questions from some of the biggest political bloggers on the Internet, including The Huffington Post, Time's Swampland, Slate, The Politico, Crooks & Liars, Power Line and Captain's Quarters. The questions address current political issues and events as a way to stimulate a dialogue between voters, pundits and politicians. "Hot Seat" also features responses from major presidential candidates to specific questions posed to them by bloggers and pundits.

"Hot Seat" will be displayed on all AOL News, Elections and Political Machine pages as well as participating sites outside the AOL network. The "Hot Seat" widget showcases real-time poll question results on both a national and state-by-state level, while letting users share and discuss their views with users of various sites. Through "Hot Seat," candidates will be given an opportunity to respond to questions and comment on the results of the various polls while providing an outlet that allows the public to become deeply engaged and integrated in the political blogosphere.

"AOL News has created a unique experience for the upcoming election unlike anything else on the Web," said Lewis Dvorkin, Senior Vice President, AOL News and Sports. "By syndicating the polling, 'Hot Seat' creates a forum where voters can participate in an ongoing debate with the 2008 presidential candidates - regardless of which site they use."

Occasionally, I'll post polls for fun and interesting stories, but this will have more reach and have many more features than before. I will write my own poll questions, and AOL's network will allow for many more participants than before. We will operate on a rotating schedule, and fortunately, tomorrow is my day. The question will go live around 8 am CT, so keep checking for the poll -- and later, we'll have more news about how BlogTalkRadio will be part of this exciting concept!


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