December 20, 2007

The Clintons And Their Donors

The Clintons have long kept hidden the identities of the donors to their foundation, and now we know why. The New York Times finally got a look at the books, and they discovered millions of dollars coming from people with a lot to lose during the Clinton administration. Shockingly, the pace of donations has accelerated as Hillary comes closer to winning the Democratic presidential nomination.

At Heading Right, I take a look at some of the connections:

* The beer company that needed to protect its advertising
* The emirs whose bid for management for American ports created a firestorm
* The Hillraiser who managed to avoid perjury charges
* The CEO whose illegal tech transfers to China got ignored until the Bush administration

If this sounds familiar, just wait until the Clintons return to the White House.

UPDATE: I've also cross-posted this at Poligazette, Michael van der Galien's new blog.


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