December 21, 2007

Don't Forget The Bookshelf For The Last-Minute Gifts!

If you're looking for some last-minute gifts -- and who isn't? -- you still have time to order them through the Captain's Quarters Bookshelf and Amazon widget. Orders placed by 4 pm ET tomorrow will still get delivered in time for Christmas, in most cases (check the stock status before you order, of course). Shoppers can also buy Amazon gift certificates through the Bookshelf's Amazon widget.

All sales through Captain's Quarters results in a small percentage paid to me by Amazon. It helps defray some of the tech costs of the blog, as well as giving me a handy method to purchase gifts for others. All of the books promoted on this blog use links that sell through my account.

Thanks for your support, and I appreciate all of those who have put cash in my tip jar for a more direct gift this Christmas season. (thanks to Instapundit for the reminder)


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