December 22, 2007

The Eggnog Factor

Often, I will describe the success or failure of a candidate in terms of the "beer factor" -- whether voters would want to have a beer and a conversation with a contender or not. This measure transcends partisanship. I'd rather have a beer and a chat with Bill Clinton than with a few Republican politicians, not because I support Bill's politics, but because I think he'd make for fascinating conversation.

With the current crop of contenders attempting to get warm and gooey for the holidays, I figure we can test to see how much success they've had. To recognize the festive spirit of Christmas, I've changed eggnog for beer. You can vote for multiple choices in this poll, and we'll see which candidate comes up with highest Eggnog Factor.

ADDENDUM: Post a comment about your selection, and what topics you'd cover in the conversation!

UPDATE: I found out that Huckabee is also a teetotaler, so his would be alcohol-free as well. The 2-for-1 reference was the explanation of why I included Bill Clinton in this poll; it does not mean that Hillary would come along for the conversation. Hope that clarifies!

Which Presidential candidates would you want to have an eggnog and a conversation with?
Hillary Clinton
Bill Clinton (under the 2-for-1 provision)
John Edwards
Rudy Giuliani
Mike Huckabee
John McCain
Barack Obama
Mitt Romney (alcohol-free)
Fred Thompson
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