December 26, 2007

Give Up Energy Or The Fat Man Gets It

The San Francisco Chronicle must have had a tough time getting letters to publish for its Christmas edition. That's the only explanation for including this very strange effort to plug global warming as a threat to Christmas (via Fausta and Michelle):

Santa is deeply concerned with the rapid shrinking of the North Pole. For generations, he has depended on swift, reliable and environmentally friendly reindeer power.

If we do not change our lifestyle soon and seek alternative energy sources, future generations will not experience the thrill of seeing Santa flying over the rooftops on Christmas Eve, and the only happy soul will be the Grinch, who wants to see a Christmas meltdown.

What is the target audience for this rather strange argument? Does the Chronicle want kids to read on Christmas morning that the lights on their tree will kill Santa, or that the economy that produces all of the consumer goods they've unwrapped has to shut down in order to save Santa? Either way, he sounds dead to me. The presents don't come from an economy produced from reindeer power.

For your global warming action alert, here's the view on my deck this morning at 7 am:


We've had around eight inches of snow this week, possibly more, which is about eight inches more than in the last nine Decembers put together. If Santa wants a new HQ, the Twin Cities' southern suburbs offer a suitable alternative. We can even skip the lutefisk.


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