December 27, 2007

BlogTalkRadio, Books, And Advertisers

Publisher's Weekly noticed this week that BlogTalkRadio likes books -- and authors. The story notes how easily BTR can integrate into a publisher's publicity strategy, and even mentions me as one of the hosts that regularly engages authors:

[BTR CEO Alan] Levy was quick to note the importance of books on BTR, which offers a daily update of featured authors either hosting their own shows or being interviewed on the network. Authors on the site recently included rock drummer Martin Atkins discussing his new book, Tour Smart; conservative authors L. Brent Bozell and Tim Graham discussing Whitewash, their book on Hillary Clinton, on Ed Morrisey's BTR show; and New York Times columnist Frank Rich being interviewed on a teen BTR show about his book The Greatest Story Ever Sold.

“BTR offers opportunities to promote authors,” Levy said. “Writers can do an online tour right from their own homes and publishers can create their own branded shows.” Levy is in discussions with traditional book publishers to use the service and has already signed several online publishers like, an online journal on pop culture that is syndicated to national newspaper sites, including the Boston Globe. BlogCritics publisher Eric Olsen said that after using the service for a month, “we're extremely happy with BTR. It's super easy to use.” The Radio Network currently offers 15 or 16 show, Olsen said, including a twice-monthly book program, and he plans to add a weekly discussion show on books. “Book review content is some of our most requested syndication material,” explained Olsen. “Our new network is mostly about marketing right now, but I believe that Web sites have to be hybrid—you need to offer text, audio and video—if they expect to rise to prominence in the future.”

BTR has also rolled out its advertising engine, the last stage in the initial plan. That will allow for revenue sharing for some BTR hosts -- not me, I'm an employee! -- and create the revenue engine that will drive all future development. It has the ability to microtarget for geography, topics, and more. It's an exciting concept. In fact, I'd love to find a sponsor for Heading Right Radio, one of the higher-profile shows on the network.

It's great to see our concept get recognition, but it's also interesting in how they reference my show. PW didn't explain to its readers who I am, apparently thinking that I'm enough of a well-known quantity that they would understand. I'm not sure I agree -- but I'm glad they think so.


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