December 31, 2007

New Video Shows Bhutto Shot

New videotape of the assassination of Benazir Bhutto has hit the news channels, and it effectively torpedoes the notion that Bhutto died from bumping her head on anything other than hot lead. Watch this clip very carefully, and viewers will notice that Bhutto's hair and headscarf fly upward on the left side of her head just before she collapses back into her vehicle:

This puts to lie any notion that Bhutto did not die from the gunshots that can clearly be heard in this and other videos, just before the explosion. Her head jerks to the right as the hair and scarf rise, and then she falls into the car going sideways. After she falls completely back into the vehicle, the bomb explodes.

Musharraf has a huge credibility problem, and this video makes it crystal clear. Until now, Musharraf has resisted calls for an international investigation into the assassination. Today, CNN reports that the Pakistani government could reconsider that decision. If they do, the family of Bhutto could then agree to an exhumation and an autopsy by an independent coroner which will confirm the cause of death.

That will open up a lot of questions about the official government story and what prompted it. With so many eyewitnesses to the murder, why float such a ridiculous theory about a sunroof handle? What were they trying to cover up? The video also shows the vehicle surrounded by people; where was a security cordon? How could the police, seen standing around the vehicle, allow a gunman to get within a few feet of Bhutto?

It still leaves the one question unanswered. With all of the concerns Benazir Bhutto had about her security, why would she have exposed herself to an assassin in such an obvious and easy manner?


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