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January 6, 2008

Apparently, John Edwards Just Met The Clintons

John Edwards just found out in 2008 what most of the country learned in the 1990s. After an aide to Hillary Clinton said that a woman whose death Edwards has mentioned repeatedly in his campaign would still be alive if Edwards had been more effective, Edwards said that the Clintons had "no conscience":

Edwards: "The Clinton campaign has no conscience"

That's Edwards' take on ... a Clinton aide's shot at him this morning, in which she said Nataline Sarkisyan would be alive if the patients bill of rights, which he'd boasted of championing, had passed.

Well, this may be a bit of the pot calling the kettle black. Edwards has used the Sarkisyan case to blame the entire health industry for her death. He has also claimed a patient's bill of rights bill as his greatest legislative achievement, but underplays the fact that he couldn't get the bill passed into law -- which makes "achievement" a fairly overplayed term.

However, blaming Edwards for Sarkisyan's death goes over the top. Sarkisyan died of disease, not from the actions of any politicians. While Edwards' exploitation of Sarkisyan has hardly been admirable, it goes way beyond the pale for Hillary or her campaign to blame Edwards for her death. It reflects a certain desperation on Hillary's team. Certainly, if Hillary wanted to point out the exaggeration of claiming an achievement that never was, as she explained later today, she and her campaign should have just done that rather than blaming Edwards for Sarkisyan's death.

Then again, the Clintons have never been known for subtlety or class. As Hillary continues to struggle in the weeks ahead, they will likely remind us of that on many more occasions. Perhaps it's a measure of Edwards' lack of experience that he's just discovering this.


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