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January 9, 2008

What Do Mike Huckabee And John McCain Have In Common?

Besides being Republicans and being early winners in the primaries, they also appeared several times on my Heading Right Radio show at BlogTalkRadio. Both candidates joined me for live and taped interviews when fortunes seemed a little lower than now, and engaged with the listeners of HRR and the readers of this blog. The direct outreach to the voters that both candidates conducted with this engagement allowed them to bypass the media filters -- and HRR listeners got a chance to hear more than just a few seconds of sound bites from either.

Did you miss these editions? Fortunately, we archive all of our shows at BTR. Here are John McCain's interviews in May, July, and October. Mike Huckabee's appearances from December and last week are compelling, as was his interview with me in September.

The key is that BTR attracts politically active listeners -- the people who want to make the effort to understand politics. The structure of the site allows candidates and officeholders to specifically target key constituencies while still playing to the broad audience, and move past sound bites to have people hear them -- unedited, directly, and without media filtering.

When they can do that, voters respond. We'll keep providing the opportunity for everyone to engage -- and we hope to speak with McCain, Huckabee, and other candidates often.


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