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January 12, 2008

Something's Happening?

That's what Fredheads hope, anyway. Fred Thompson seems to have come alive in South Carolina; his campaign reports that they've had to shut down at least two events because supporters have overcrowded the venues. His joltingly aggressive performance on Thursday has people wondering where this Fred has been -- and hoping he sticks around.

Baby, they love his way, even the lines on his face ... and they want more people to feel like they do. Here's a little Photoshop fun for the evening; maybe you'll want to put on the great classic album and think, (I'll Give You) Money.

Add your own caption, and rate them, too. Bonus points if you were alive when this album came out, and you know the artist as more than just a Geico commercial celebrity ...

UPDATE: My friend Chris Muir sends me a much better photoshop than the one I did.


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