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January 13, 2008

About All Of That Experience

I've mostly taken a day off today to catch up with the family and some rest, but Jazz Shaw has worked all weekend on a well-researched essay about Hillary Clinton and her "experience". At Middle Earth Journal, Jazz looks at Hillary's claims over her legislative record and finds a series of failures instead:

Has Hillary been treated unfairly by the press, while her opponent, Senator Obama, has been given a free pass? To the contrary, it seems to me that the press has been more than active in vetting Mr. Obama, going to the ends of the Earth - in some cases literally, while checking out his schooling on the far side of the planet - to dig up whatever tawdry tidbits were available. Meanwhile, debate after debate is held. Hillary Clinton shows up so often on the Sunday morning chat festivals that I once thought she was the new host of Meet the Press, and yet I never hear these issues of her record being questioned. It would seem that they are specific and applicable to her performance for the people of New York in her only elected office. As someone who bore witness to the free pass Hillary received from the press - not to mention the public- in both of her Senate runs, seeing her and Bill level such a charge at Barack Obama is beyond the pale.

Be sure to read it all. I'll bump this post upwards tomorrow, and maybe we can even get Jazz on the Heading Right Radio show next week to talk about this at more length.


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