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January 15, 2008

Embassy Targeted In Lebanon

It looks like terrorists have begun targeting Americans again in Lebanon. Fortunately, the bomb didn't kill any American personnel at the embassy in Beirut, but four Lebanese died in the explosion:

An explosion targeted a U.S. Embassy vehicle Tuesday in northern Beirut, killing four Lebanese and injuring a local embassy employee just ahead of a farewell reception for the American ambassador, U.S. and Lebanese officials said.

In Washington, State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said two embassy employees — including the driver — were in the vehicle damaged in the blast, which could be heard across the Lebanese capital and sent gray smoke billowing near the Mediterranean coast.

The driver was slightly wounded and the other staffer is fine, McCormack told reporters. He said no American diplomats or American citizens were in the car.

We've seen terrorist attacks on Americans in Beirut before. The most famous of these killed 241 Marines deployed on a peacekeeping mission, but in the same year, seventeen died in a bombing at our embassy. Most of the bombings lately have targeted Lebanese politicians and military commanders, and usually they have found their targets.

Most of those have involved Syria. Are they behind this attack as well, either directly or through their partnership with Hezbollah?


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