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January 17, 2008

Stop The Presses! No Executive Experience?

David Broder has breaking news in the presidential race. He has discovered, through his own investigation that -- brace yourselves -- none of the leading Democratic candidates for President has executive experience. He points out that this leaves the Democrats at a serious disadvantage to their Republican counterparts.

At Heading Right, I wonder where Broder has been for the past year. The lack of experience has been a topic of conversation for at least a year, and not just executive experience, either. The time that all of them have in national public office put together doesn’t equal John McCain’s tenure in the Senate. Dan Quayle had more time just in the Senate than any one of the three Democratic front-runners.

Broder says that the Democrats have to show they can actually lead. Maybe they should all drop out now, and run for an executive office. Otherwise, they can only talk about executive leadership, and as Broder points out, they don't even do that well.


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