January 19, 2008

The Thompson Surge Arrives?

It may have, where it counts, in South Carolina. Via Campaign Spot, the American Research Group poll taken over the last two days has Fred Thompson powering out of the doldrums and into the 20s, good enough for a clean third-place spot:

Mike Huckabee leads among Republicans with 37%, followed by John McCain and Fred Thompson with 22% each. McCain leads among self-described independents with 48%.

I picked Huckabee because I figured the last-minute pandering on the Confederate flag might be enough to push him over the edge. McCain's paying for his vacillation and final rejection of the issue in 2000. Thompson's score won't be enough for him to gain many delegates, but it does appear to be enough to prevail over Romney for third place, and that should keep him in the race through February 5th.

Interestingly, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, and Barack Obama picked up a point each from undecideds over the last week. Obama will win this one fairly easily; if he wins Nevada, too, he may have some significant momentum for the Super Tuesday contests.

I'll be blogging the results later this evening, so be sure to check back.


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