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January 21, 2008

Israel Listens To Mr. Spock

Israel has closed the Gaza border and stopped energy supplies in response to the rocket attacks coming from Palestinian terrorist groups within the Strip. Europe and other countries have begun to pressure Israel to end its blockade for humanitarian reasons, but Israel points out that it is illogical to supply an enemy with energy and food while they try to kill:

Gaza hospitals will run out of drugs and fuel for generators within a few days unless Israel eases the border blockade it imposed to curb Palestinian rocket attacks, international organizations said on Monday.

Residents of the Hamas-controlled territory awoke to nearly traffic-free streets and shuttered shops, with petrol in short supply due to Israeli restrictions and Gaza's main power plant shut down since late on Sunday.

Palestinian officials have warned the standoff could harm U.S.-spurred efforts with Israel to reach a peace deal this year. ...

Michele Mercier, an ICRC spokeswoman, said the organization was trying to persuade Israel to reopen Gaza's borders at least to humanitarian supplies and fuel deliveries.

Israel would prove itself suicidally foolish to end the blockade. Gaza has been under Palestinian control now for over two years. The terrorist group Hamas took control of it almost a year ago from the somewhat-legitimate Palestinian Authority, and Europe has refused to recognize its authority. Literally, they want Israel to fund, feed, and energize terrorists.

I'm waiting for the ICRC to set up shop in Sderot to monitor Gazan humanitarianism. Palestinian terrorists have launched rockets at this town for years, and the world acts as if that doesn't matter at all. Palestinians haven't merely forced hospitals to focus on emergency surgery; they're dropping bombs on the heads of Israeli women and children. Why should Israel allow food into Gaza while that happens, especially after years of attempting to alternately negotiate an end or to attacking the launch sites?

Whether the ICRC or the EU want to admit it, Hamas and Islamic Jihad continue to perform terrorist acts and use Gaza as its launching pad. Under those conditions, especially since Hamas controls Gaza, a state of war exists between Gaza and Israel, and Israel has no obligation to keep Gaza's electricity running or its people fed. When Gazans get tired of starvation and darkness, they can take matters in their own hands and find new leadership, one that will end the terrorist attacks. If the EU doesn't like that, then let them argue against it from Sderot.


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