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January 21, 2008

Speaking Of Having A Dream ....

Bill Clinton kept trying to have a dream of his own today -- but the oratory kept him from his nap. Via Bryan at Hot Air, keep an eye on Bill as he tries valiantly to stay awake at the Convent Avenue Baptist Church in Harlem today:

It's hard not to be sympathetic in this case. Clinton made the rounds today, apparently flying between Atlanta and New York for Martin Luther King Day appearances, and it tired him out. What did he get for his trouble? Comeuppance from Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin and a video that will get played over and over again on comedy shows for the next few years.

Bill struggles to stay awake as businessmen do in long, dull presentations. He shakes his head or nods when he jolts awake, attempting to look like he's listening. At one point, he checks his watch, apparently wondering when he can make a much-needed escape to a bed. One has to wonder what the audience thought when they saw him nodding off during a rather energetic speech.

I think the man needs some rest and a vacation from the campaign trail. At least a few Democrats agree -- and now they have all the evidence they need.


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