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January 23, 2008

What Would You Want On Day One?

An e-mailer tipped me off to an interesting web launch from the UN Foundation. They have a new project called On Day One, which will solicit suggestions from its readers about what the next President should do on his or her first day in office. Their blog has this YouTube presentation on the launch, which -- if you watch the whole video -- has a rather surprising suggestion:

OD1 wants people to submit their video suggestions for the Day 1 policy of the US. So far, most of what's posted consists of the standard progressive policy fare -- stop "cowboy diplomacy" (from Joe Wilson, no less!), withdraw from Iraq, invade Darfur, restore peace in the Middle East -- restore? -- and close Gitmo.

Maybe a few conservatives could add our policy goals to the mix. Do you want limited government, a strong national defense, and effective forward strategies against terrorists? Let the UN Foundation know. After all, if they're willing to promote a suggestion about withdrawing from Turtle Bay altogether, everything else should be on the table.


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