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January 25, 2008

Questions For Mitt?

Mitt Romney, in some ways, still perplexes Republicans. Normally one would expect to welcome a convert to the pro-life movement, someone who has succeeded in business in a spectacular fashion, and someone who has cleaned up a major public enterprise (the Salt Lake City Olympics) and won executive office in a state controlled by the Democratic Party. For some reason, Republicans seem reluctant to embrace Romney, and the media's apparent obsession with his wealth and his religion have not helped him reach across that divide.

I have had the pleasure of interviewing Mitt on two occasions, and tomorrow I will interview him again, three days before the Florida primary that could determine who wins the nomination. Although I already have some questions in mind, I'm interested in what questions the CapQ community still need to have answered, after a long year on the stump. What single question or issue would keep you from backing Mitt Romney as the nominee? I'll put the best ones to him and allow him to address your concerns.

Please enter your question in the comments on this post. The interview will air on Monday afternoon's Heading Right Radio show, at 2 pm CT.


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