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January 30, 2008

All Good Things Come To An End

Danny Glover has been a good friend to many of us in the blogosphere during his tenure at National Journal. I heard from him a while ago that he would soon move on from that position, and today will be the last day he updates what has been a vital Beltway blog. He posts his valediction at Beltway Blogroll this morning:

My tenure at National Journal ends tomorrow with the final issue of Technology Daily, where I served as the managing editor for six years before being promoted to the editorship in November 2006. Beltway Blogroll, a direct outgrowth of the interest I developed in politics and technology while at Tech Daily, will cease publication at the same time.

Its death is by no means sudden. I started Beltway Blogroll and a companion column for in June 2005 with the goal in mind of proving that blogs would quickly gain power in policy circles inside the Beltway, just like they did in the political realm in 2004. Mission accomplished.

If you doubt it, take a look at the blogroll to your left. It is at least twice as large as when I started Beltway Blogroll -- and inside-the-Beltway blogs are started with such frequency now that I long ago stopped trying to find them all. That's especially true of the "mainstream blogosphere" occupied by professional journalists. Why do so many of them blog now? Because that's what more and more people in Washington read.

The proof of blog power abounds: regular blogger conference calls and briefings by politicians, think tanks and trade groups; bloggers who work for presidential campaigns and other candidates; bloggers who have infiltrated mainstream newsrooms or who write columns for major publications; and the achievements go on.

Be sure to read it all. Danny has chronicled a dizzying array of stories during his tenure at BB, and worked hard to fairly capture the essence of Beltway blogging about them. We will miss his tireless work and trenchant analysis, as well as his inherent fairness.

Fortunately, Danny will remain in the blogosphere at Air Congress. With any luck, he'll pick up there right where he leaves off today. Join me in wishing my friend Danny "Not The Actor" Glover all the best.


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