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February 5, 2008

Rockin' Politics And The Hot Seat!

Listen to Nikki Rocks the Politics! on internet talk radio

Join me on Tuesday and Thursday mornings as I co-host Nikki Starr's "Nikki Rocks The Politics" at 9 am CT. We'll discuss politics, news, music, and join the chatizens and the callers. You can join us by calling (646) 478-4556.

Later today, I'll also host the AOL HOt Seat Show ....

Listen to AOL Hot Seat on internet talk radio

AOL and BlogTalkRadio have partnered on the Hot Seat poll, extending the debate to our listenership. I will host a 15-minute show weekdays at 1:00 pm ET to review the poll, interview the blogger, and take calls from the participants. We'll speak to a wide spectrum of bloggers and callers alike for each day's poll -- including today's:

Be sure to tune it at BlogTalkRadio -- and don't forget to cast your votes! We will also take your calls at (347) 205-9555.


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