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February 6, 2008

BlogTalkRadio Scheduling Notes For CPAC

With my trip to CPAC looming, I'm juggling some radio scheduling to accommodate the travel and speaker schedules. Please note the following changes:

AOL Hot Seat: We will not broadcast this today, but will return to the air Thursday and Friday at the normal times of 1 pm ET. Today's poll can be found here.

Heading Right Radio: Today's show airs at 12:30 pm CT. Jim Geraghty of National Review's Campaign Spot gives us his Super Tuesday Ledge Report. Who were the big winners and losers? Be sure to join us at the special time, and call 646-652-4889 to join the conversation! Also, don't forget to join our chat room. This show is now sponsored by Lifelock -- and listen to find out how you can save 10% on their services.

For CPAC, I'll have Heading Right Radio start at 3 pm CT (4 ET) on Thursday. John McCain addresses CPAC at our normal time, and since this will perhaps be the most important speech of the conference, I'll air the show afterwards to talk about the speech and the reception it received. I'll also speak with Jim DeMint, the porkbusting Senator. On Friday, we'll go back to our regularly scheduled time with the Week in Review, joined as always by Duane "Generalissimo" Patterson.

The CPAC Channel: I get to use BlogTalkRadio's corporate solution to do multiple, spontaneous interviews. Expect most of the interviews I get to appear on this channel. And if your business or enterprise could benefit from always-accessible live-stream and podcast integration, be sure to let me know, and we can work together to make BlogTalkRadio provide the solution!

UPDATE: Here's one of the efforts we'll see at CPAC:

The Top 10 Reasons Dick Durbin Needs to MoveOn

10. Extreme on Abortion. Dick Durbin voted to allow partial-birth abortion, human cloning and minors to cross state lines for an abortion in order to avoid parental notification laws.

9 Anti-Taxpayer. Dick Durbin has repeatedly voted against tax cuts that have saved Illinois taxpayers over $2,200 per year.

8. Pro-Ultra Liberal MoveOn.Org. Dick Durbin was one of only 25 members of the Senate who voted against condemning the radical ultra-liberal’s baseless personal attack on Four Star General David Petraeus. ...

We've spoken with Durbin's opponent in November, Dr. Steven Sauerberg, a couple of times on Heading Right Radio. You can contribute to the cause at this site.


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