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February 6, 2008

CPAC: Landed

I arrived at the Omni Shoreham hotel earlier tonight, a little at loose ends with not much happening until the morning. I retrieved my credentials for the conference, but then wandered the streets for a while, trying to determine what I wanted to do about dinner. Fortunately, I ran into my friends from the Sam Adams Alliance, who insisted that I join them for dinner and drinks. Of course, the subject of Paul Jacob and the Oklahoma 3 case was one of the main topics of conversation. We're going to have Paul join us again on the CPAC Channel at some point to remind us of his case and its import for the rights of Americans to petition government.

And of course, tomorrow will be John McCain's big appearance here at CPAC. We'll have lots of events to cover tomorrow (all times ET):

11:00 - Vice President Dick Cheney
12:30 - Governor Mitt Romney
1:00 - Mark Steyn
3:00 - Senator John McCain

And that's just the start. Be sure to keep checking back here at CapQ and with the CPAC Channel tomorrow for highlights and interviews!


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