February 10, 2008

Bolton Endorses McCain

Ambassador John Bolton has long been a favorite of the conservative wing of the Republican Party. Yesterday, he threw his support behind John McCain's nomination, an attempt to help unify the GOP base around McCain:

"John McCain was very active and supportive during my confirmation hearings to be the U.S. Ambassador to the UN. His belief in me at that time was a testament to his courage to fight the liberals in the Senate and vigorously advance American interests at the UN.

"I whole-heartedly endorse John McCain for President because when he takes office in January 2009 he will be prepared immediately to lead us. John will not need on the job training.

"American conservatives will have a President they can be proud of in John McCain."

Bolton won the admiration of conservatives in his aggressive nature towards internationalists, especially during his tenure at the UN. His full-throated defense of American sovereignty and foreign policy in the war on terror kept him from winning confirmation as UN Ambassador from Congress, resulting in a recess appointment by George Bush. He has a reputation of blunt talk and of rejecting any get-along efforts that conflict with his principles and his own judgment.

Will this help convince McCain's critics in the conservative movement? Bolton would likely find a place in a McCain administration, perhaps as Secretary of State, as Michael Goldfarb suggests. At the least, it will remind conservatives that McCain supported Bolton and worked to get his nomination confirmed despite the heavy opposition from Democrats at the time.


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