February 15, 2008

Chris Matthews' Next Apology Coming In 5, 4, 3, 2 .... (Update & Bump For Video)

UPDATE: I posted about this earlier, but Eyeblast has the video clip. Eyeblast is a new contender in the viral-video sweepstakes and is definitely worth a close look for right-of-center videobloggers. Here's the clip:

And so with that final "Screw you!" from Matthews, the original post follows ....


Chris Matthews has spent the primary cycle alternately opining and apologizing for his remarks about Hillary Clinton. It looks like he may have either tired of the cycle, or wants another round of YouTubed capitulation to make the blogospheric rounds. Sam Stein at the Huffington Post notes that Matthews erupted on Joe Scarborough's morning show at MS-NBC, calling Hillary's media-response team "knee-cappers":

Chris Matthews fired a salvo at the Clinton campaign this morning after both he and his MSNBC colleague were privately rebuked for recent comments deemed misogynistic or inappropriate.

Appearing on MSNBC's Morning Joe, the Hardball host went off on the Clinton press shop, calling them "knee cappers" who were "lousy" and delve in the business of "intimidation."

"What she has to do is get rid of the kneecapers that work for her, these press people whose main job seems to be punishing Obama or going after the press, to building a positive case for her," said Matthews. "Her campaign slogan right now is don't get your hopes up. That won't work in America. You can't diminish Obama and hope that you will rise from the ashes."

Chris Matthews just now noticed that the Clintons play, er, "Hardball"? It seems somewhat ironic that the man who hosts a show by that name complains that the Clintons throw elbows when pushing for power. The late realization also paints him as more than a little clueless.

Question for CapQ readers: how long before we see Matthews' inevitable apology for his implications that the Clintons use loan-shark collection techniques against their political opponents? And will he blame the lack of universal health care again for his "frustrations" and criticism? Here's Matthews' last apology, for those who have forgotten it:


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